Vermont is getting less like Vermont

The other day, I was speaking with a lawyer from Michigan who commented on how accessible and friendly the court staff at the local courthouse are.  She said that, in Michigan, the staff are anonymous and largely unhelpful.  I proudly told her that Vermont is more like a neighborhood than a state.  Those of us who toil in the courts know the clerks on a first-name basis, conversations are always pleasant and the staff are always helpful.

That’s all about to change.  The Chittenden County Courts are starting a “call center” as a pilot program.  Now, when you call any court in Chittenden County, your call will be directed to one of two people for all four courts.  They will be the people answering your questions.  I am sure they will be as friendly as all of the clerks and will work hard to be helpful (that’s the thing about Vermonters; everyone tries their best).  However, I really wonder how helpful they can be if they are separated from the actual clerk’s office.

I think the project is slated last for 10 months.  I really hope it fails.  I will miss speaking with the folks I’ve been dealing with for years.

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