Mediation can be a cost-effective way to resolve your dispute. With mediation, you avoid the cost of trial, which includes not only your attorney’s fees, but also expert fees, witness fees and other costs.  You also avoid the risk of an adverse trial verdict or court judgment.

We have close to 20 years’ experience mediating disputes, ranging from personal injury to trademark infringement to family matters.  Mary was trained at Harvard’s summer mediation workshop and has participated in the federal court’s early neutral evaluation program from its inception.

We study your case prior to the mediation session so we are prepared to address the issues from the very moment your session begins. We also offer a “double-team” approach when appropriate.  This gives you the benefit of two mediators.  Having a second mediator present brings more insight to the issues and enhances the process.

Our goal is to help find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. We will continue to work with you until a settlement is reached, or until both sides determine a settlement is not possible.